Next-Level Kubota RTV Rear Bed Size and Top Bed Accessories

Jan 16th 2024

Next-Level Kubota RTV Rear Bed Size and Top Bed Accessories

When it comes to beefing up your Kubota RTV's rear bed and top bed storage game, having the right accessories can make the difference between versatile solutions and a clunky nightmare. The last thing you need after installing (or, let’s be honest, jerry-rigging) that generic and/or low-quality bed rack is to see your valuables bouncing out of the vehicle like popcorn in the rear view as you’re trying to work.

But never fear, because we’ve got your back with the best Kubota RTV rear bed size and top bed accessories. From hauling tools to securing cargo, here are four top-notch accessories that will elevate your UTV experience.

Curtis Industries' Kubota RTV UTV Bed-Mount Tool Bar Rack System

The Kubota RTV UTV Bed-Mount Tool Bar Rack System by Curtis Industries is a game-changer in tool organization. This system, designed to mount directly to your Kubota Utility Vehicle's bed, ensures your tools stay close at hand without encroaching on precious cargo space. With its modular design, you can customize the configuration to suit your needs, thanks to Artillian's array of compatible attachments.

Crafted from 2-inch x 3/4-inch steel tubing and weighing just 16 lbs., this rack system is both sturdy and lightweight. The ease of mounting, moving, or removing attachments in seconds using cam lever latches integrated into each Artillian component makes it a versatile and efficient choice for any Kubota RTV owner looking to optimize their rear bed space.

Kemimoto's Kubota RTV Heavy Duty Bed Cargo Net

When it comes to securing cargo and preventing smaller items from flying out of your Kubota RTV, Kemimoto's Heavy Duty Bed Cargo Net is a must-have. Constructed from dense nylon netting with UV protection, this net not only keeps items secure but also shields them from the sun's damaging rays, protecting them in more ways than one.

Equipped with multiple metal fixing holes and webbing stitched in a grid, this durable cargo net offers several anchor points to ensure a secure fit for your valuable items. Its ease of setup and removal compared to traditional securing methods like ropes or bungees makes it a convenient and reliable accessory for daily use.

                                 A set of "before and after images" showing an ATV bed filled with unsecured items (before) and the same ATV's bed secured with Kemimoto's Heavy Duty Bed Cargo Net (after)

Moose's Kubota RTV Cargo Bed Rack

For those seeking to maximize their bed space while ensuring ample tie-down options, Moose's Cargo Bed Rack is the ultimate solution. Constructed from rugged 16ga HRPO ASTM A 1011 steel material, this rack spans the entire width and length of the bed, providing extensive space both above and beneath it.

Crafted in the U.S.A., this bed rack offers a multitude of tying-down spots and is designed to accommodate plenty of cargo while maintaining a secure and organized setup. Note that for installation on a Polaris, Moose lock-and-ride plugs are required and sold separately.

Extreme Metal Products' Kubota RTV Cargo Bed Side Extensions

If expanding your cargo capacity is a priority, Extreme Metal Products' Cargo Bed Side Extensions are a clutch addition to your accessory game. These extensions add 8 inches to the sides and 12 inches to the back of your Kubota RTV's cargo bed, providing extra space without the need for drilling or cutting during installation.

Crafted from 16 ga. steel and CNC-cut for a precise fit, these bed side extensions offer an excellent solution for hauling light materials. Made in Cleveland, Ohio, these extensions seamlessly integrate into your Kubota RTV, allowing you to make the most of your rear bed space.

Why Kubota RTV Rear Bed Size and Top Bed Accessories Matter

Whether you’re working, playing, or both, optimizing your Kubota RTV's rear bed size and top bed organization is made easy and efficient with these accessories. Storage should be simple, we believe, which is why we feature the most intuitive and effective accessories for organizing tools, securing cargo, or expanding your bed space. Upgrade your Kubota RTV experience today!