OEM Steering Wheel Size and Hot Accessories for Your Kubota RTV

May 14th 2024

OEM Steering Wheel Size and Hot Accessories for Your Kubota RTV

Known throughout the UTV community as one of the most reliable UTVs out there, one reason we love upgrading Kubota RTVs is that we know they will be around long enough to deliver returns on whatever we’re improving. In this case, we’re talking seriously leveled-up aftermarket Kubota RTV steering wheels from brands like PRP Seats, Madigan Motorsports, and more. From steering wheels themselves to center plates, push-to-talk plates, and more, we’ve got you covered so you can achieve total mastery over the terrain and help that Kubota RTV live even longer. Come on in!

Deep Dish or Flat Bottomed? (No, We’re Not Talking Pizza!)

You can’t go wrong with a classic “deep dish” Kubota RTV steering wheel, like this one from PRP Seats, but steering wheels with a flat bottom, like this one also made by PRP Seats, can provide extra legroom for anyone feeling a little cramped in that cockpit. Either way, we only offer the best wheels of either kind, featuring high-strength aluminum, 6-bolt compatibility, moisture-resistant suede coverings, and ergonomic contouring.

                                                    A Kubota RTV Sidekick Shred Steering Wheel, pictured uninstalled and against a blank background.

Our Favorite Kubota RTV Steering Wheels

The perfect marriage of elegance, simplicity, and sophistication, we can’t pass up a shoutout for the Kubota RTV Sidekick Deep Dish Steering Wheel by PRP Seats. That smooth, matte black color gives it a rich and classic aesthetic that is by no means betrayed by inferior construction. High-strength aluminum, moisture-resistant suede, a stylish logo on the center plate, specially contoured grip and impeccable durability all make this steering wheel stand out to us. But man, we have to admit: we really do love how it looks. Speaking of, you also can’t go wrong with the New Glory Deep Dish steering wheel, featuring a patriotic stars and stripes motif on its moisture-resistant suede cover.

                                                  The PRP Seats New Glory Deep Dish Steering Wheel, pictured uninstalled and against a blank background

Don’t Forget the Center Cap!

Well beyond center cap replacements, we also offer Kubota RTV Push-to-Talk plates and various other accessories to add entirely new layers of functionality to your experience. Seamlessly integrate your communications system into an upgraded Kubota RTV steering wheel, or simply set it off with a touch of flare using our center caps by PRP seats. Inside and out, front and back, we’ll continue to cover you with the best Kubota RTV accessories out there.