Welcome to our Kubota Sidekick Roof Collection, where we make sure the roof over your head is as durable as the machine on which it stands! Whether you prefer a sleek hard top, a breezy soft top, or crave something extraordinarily distinct, we've got you covered across the board! Our lineup includes everything from ultra-durable hardtops that offer unbeatable protection to easy-going soft tops for those who cherish the feel of the wind in their hair. Light up your adventures with roofs decked out in dazzling LED lights, or create the perfect ambiance with built-in speaker systems for the ultimate road trip playlist. Experience unparalleled practicality with roofs that boast clever storage solutions, providing ample space for all your essentials. Choose from easy-to-install soft tops or robust top caps for quick and reliable coverage. Revolutionize your Kubota Sidekick adventures with a roof that seamlessly blends strength, style, and functionality. Dive into our collection today and make the move!

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