Wheel Spacers & Adapters

If you're after 1" Kubota RTV-X wheel spacers, 1.5" Kubota RTV-X wheel spacers, or 2" Kubota RTV-X wheel spacers that'll fit your OEM studs, we've got just what you need at Everything Kubota RTV! Alternatively, if you're after Kubota RTV-X wheel adapters that'll make your rig's wheel hubs compatible with non-OEM wheels, we have those here at Everything Kubota RTV as well! The wheel spacers and wheel adapters we sell for the Kubota RTV-X are machine pressed and CNC cut for high precision and unmatched strength. And because they're constructed from corrosion-proof aluminum alloys, you can ride in confidence knowing that your wheel spacers or wheel adapters won't rust or break down over time!

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