Snorkel Kits

Regardless if you submerge your rig in belly-high pools of watery mud, or if you crawl delicately over ankle-high creeks, make sure to keep your investment running like new with a Kubota RTV-X snorkel kit from Everything Kubota RTV! The snorkel kits we sell for the Kubota RTV-X900, the Kubota RTV-X1100, and the Kubota RTV-X1400 include snorkels for the both the intakes and vent lines, and they reposition them to a higher location for maximum swimability! And on top of Kubota RTV-X snorkel kits and snorkel assemblies, we also sell snorkel-related parts and components like Kubota RTV-X snorkel pre filter tips, snorkel brackets, and snorkel connecters / adapters!

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