Skid Plates

Scraping, scuffing, and scratching are all part and parcel of off-roading in a Kubota side-by-side. Whether you use your machine around the farm, at your favorite hunting lands, or on the trails with your friends and family, you're sure to encounter rough, rugged, or uneven terrain at some point. And when you do, make sure your underbelly is protected with a good set of Kubota RTV-X skid plates! You want your Kubota RTV-X skid plates to be rigid enough to thwart blunt impacts, but also slippery enough to glide over rocks, roots, and stumps. And with both aluminum Kubota RTV-X skid plate kits as well UHMW polyethylene Kubota RTV-X skid plate kits, nowhere but Everything Kubota RTV will be able to furnish you with high-qualtiy, affordable, skid plates at an unbelievably-fast turnaround!

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