Heat Shields

Some parts of your UTV are designed to handle the heat, while other parts are not. So protect the vulnerable areas of your side-by-side with the appropriate Kubota RTV-X heat shielding products from Everything Kubota RTV! Exhausts are inherently hot on any machine with an internal combustion engine, and the RTV-X lineup is no different. As such, we sell exhaust heat deflectors, heat shield hangers, and self-vulcanizing fire tape for that. And to keep heat from the motor inside the engine bay and away from the cockpit, we also provide riders with Kubota RTV-X heat barrier accessories and bodywork protection kits. Melted body plastics are bad, but a ride that's burnt to a crisp is definitely worse. So chill out and cool things down with the Kubota RTV-X heat shielding accessories from Everything Kubota RTV!

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