Carrier Bearings

There are a seemingly endless amount of things that can go wrong with your machine, and one of them is a bad Kubota RTV-X carrier bearing. With a damaged or broken carrier bearing, your prop shaft will be loosely held and free to shake / vibrate. Luckily, whether you need assistance removing a Kubota RTV-X carrier baring, installing an aftermarket Kubota RTV-X carrier bearing, or finding the right Kubota RTV-X carrier bearing for your vehicle, we've got your back at Everything Kubota RTV! We sell both one-piece carrier bearings as well as tow-piece carrier bearings, and we even carry Kubota RTV-X carrier bearing rebuild kits! For a noisy prop shaft, a shaky drive shaft, or a propeller shaft that's out of phase, your solution could be a Kubota RTV-X carrier bearing from Everything Kubota RTV!

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